KeshavaKishori Vikasa Yojana


Development Project for Adolescent girls

A Unit of KeshavaSeva Samithi, Hyderabad.

Started in the year 2004.

The main Activities of the KeshavaKishori Vikasa Yojana are :

•  Free tuitions for school or college going girls and increasing their confidence by preparing them for competitive exams, essay writing and elocution competitions etc.

•  Conducting yoga and meditation classes.

•  Conducting health awareness programmes.

•  Sanitation campaigns to improve the health status amongst the girls and the women.

•  Cultural development through moral stories and Bhajans.

•  Self reliance through vocational trainings.

•  Martial art training for self defence.

•  Regular group meetings to provide a platform for social support , individual leadership development and women empowerment.

To reach these targets

Under KeshavaKishorie Vikasa Yojana project 75 slum areas have been selected to impart training in various aspects for adolescent girls with special emphasis on education, health and hygiene, cultural development and samskars. KeshavaKishori Viakasa Yojana has been striving towards women empowerment by improving the standards in education,health, skill development and culture.

The Kishori Vikasa center is where the volunteer assemble the young women daily for 2 hours at the community center in the nearby locality. The young women 11-21 years are trained in basic things like general information, skills and samskaras that enable them to mould their future.

KeshavaSeva Samithi provides a small and humble honorarium to volunteers that helps them pay their college fees and trips to their centers. The volunteer is basically a junior or degree student and are trained to run these kendras .The reason for selecting only girls and women is that if the female is empowered, she not only betters her life, but also betters her family and society. The quality education, vocational skills, health & hygiene and moral education are the four pillars of empowerment.

Education: Most of the participants are poor.They study in Government or local schools and cannot afford private tuition s but have the intelligence and desire to grow and be a better person. They live in single rooms and cannot study at home without disturbance. The Kishorie center in their locality is an ideal place for the girls as a free tuition center apart from the skill center and counseling center. The drop-out children are motivated to pursue their education and given proper guidance and tuition.

Health and Hygiene: Lack of education is one of the factors while ignorance to health and hygiene is another that is weakening the women. Kishorie Kendra�s teach health awareness and preventive medicine along with yoga, suryanamamaskars, pranayam, meditation. Periodic medical camps for eye, dental and gynic care are organized. Dispensaries run by Seva Bharathi attend to the needy and emergency cases are handled through the voluntary referral doctors.

Vocational Education: The financial freedom and income generation can change the face of women empowerment. It helps her to support her family but also adds to national productivity. Kishorie Vikas centers have skill development and training programmes in hand embroidery, fabric painting, handicrafts, screen printing, detergent making and other small enterprises.

Motivation and Counseling:This consist of teaching slokas, literature, Bhajanas, patriotic songs, significance of Indian festivals inspiring stories of great people, especially women that helps them would into future leaders.

Training camps: single day training camp for volunteers on every first Sunday at the premises of KeshavaAshramam, apart from these the three day personality development camps are conducted during Dussehra and Sankranthi. Every year summer camp for volunteers as well as the students is also conducted.

Community celebration:  Apart from national festivals ,at least 3 festivals are celebrated in the community annually, Raksha bandhan, varalakshmi pooja, Bharathamatha pooja are some of the community festivals apart from the annual day celebrated by all centers in their locality.