Keshava Seva Samithi

Home for Destitute boys

A Unit of Keshava Seva Samithi started at Malkajgiri, Hyderabad in 1989.

The main objectives of the Keshava Seva Samithi are :

•  To adopt boy children of 5 to 9 years age who have no family or shelter and nurture them as ideal Indian Men

•  To bring them up in a very congenial atmosphere- assuring them love and affection which they rightly deserve.

•  To develop a sense of patriotism and discipline and a feeling of love for life and values

•  To inculcate respect for the Bharatiya cultural and traditions

•  To provide opportunities and help to lead a decent life.

•  To develop a sense of patriotism and discipline and a feeling of love for life and values

A small ashramam initially started with 3 rooms in 1993 under Keshava Seva Samithi. Subsequently, for administrative reasons it has come into the fold of KeshavaSeva Samithi. With the liberal contributions from philanthropists KeshavaAshramam constructed its own building which can accommodate 150 boys.

KeshavaAshramam is a a home with parental care and motherly love and affection.They are taken care of their education depending on their aptitude , till they are self sufficient and make them join the main stream of society by arranging marriages with suitable person. Even after the marriage the ashramam keeps in touch with their families. the boys are imparted with good manners, Indian traditions and culture, a sense of responsibility to pay back to the society.

Now there are 120 boys in the ashramam. The ashramam fulfills all the requirements of the gboysirls. The boys are studying from LKG to 10th class in Sri Saraswathi Sishu Mandir High School. Thirty three boys are pursuing higher education in engineering , polytechnic and degree colleges. Apart from this formal education, they are also taught fine arts like music, painting exercises like yogasan and self defense art like karate depending upon their aptitude. They are also exposed to special personality development courses. Daily one hour sakha of Rashtra Sevika Samithi is also held to impart courage, patriotism and an attitude of service to the needy people. The ashramam helps the boys in over all development and enable them to be responsible citizens of India. The boys are not only well educated and trained but are also provided alternate opportunities to lead an independent life. The ashramam has also taken the responsibility to arrange and conduct marriages for the boys. Already 25 boys got married and some of them are also blessed with children and they are happy in their in laws houses.

Mode of Admission:  People who know the activities of KeshavaSeva Samithi refer the deserving children to ashramam. The committee members will personally verify the facts and ensure that the really do not have parents. In some special cases boys with single parent are also admitted. Some times the police will also be bring the children to ashramam. A complete health check up is conducted before admission and given treatment if required.

Daily Activities:

The day to day activities of ashramam are as follows:


4:45 AM
: Wake up
5:15 AM
: Study Hour
6:15 AM
: Pratahsmaran, Yoga, Suryanamaskaras
6:50 AM
: Ready to School
7:25 AM
: Breakfast
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
: School


5:30 PM
: Snacks
5:45 PM
: Bath
6:45 PM
: Sandhya Prardhana
7:00 PM
: Dinner
7:30 PM
: Home Work
9:20 PM
: Sleep

End of the week and holidays children pursue their hobbies like Music, Dance, and making handi crafts etc..

Festivals:  All national and religious festivals and also ashramam boys birthdays are celebrated in ashramam. Rangoli Competitions are conducted for sankranti festival and games and sports are also conducted for August 15th, January 26th . In these local people also participate.

Marriages:  Donors come forward to bear the marriage expenses and kanyadan in traditional way. Impressed with the way they are brought up in Ashramam, many parents come forward to accept the ashramam boys as their daughters in- laws.

Ashramam Management:  Six in_house matajis (supervisors) take care of the children round the clock. As in a joint family the elder boys assist the younger ones in their day to day activities . Eight to nine of the committee members dedicate at least half day everyday and look after the office and finance management. Committee meeting will be held on the first Saturday of the month.

Keshava Seva Samithi has been recognized by the man and child welfare department of the State Government.

Keshava Seva Samithi has also got certificate of exemption Under 80G of Income tax Act.

Government of India has accorded permission to the samithi to receive donations under FCRA ( Foreign Contribution Regulation Act)